Trial lesson

  1. Preparation
    Check in our timetable in which class you would like to participate and when it starts. It is advisable to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the class’ start, in order for us to get acquainted.
  2. First time
    When you enter the club for the first time, ask for Quinton. They will show you around. Tell our trainers if you have any injuries or other health problems. Would you like to compete, also tell our trainers.
  3. Bring
    To participate in our classes, you need athletic clothes and clean shoes. You can use our dressing rooms and showers. We also advise you to bring a towel and a bottle of water. For your first couple of lessons, you can borrow our gloves. If you have one, bring a mouth guard.
  4. Costs
    A trial lesson costs €10. This fee will be refunded if you choose to become a member. If you enjoyed your lesson and would like to return, you can fill in our membership form immediately or the next time you visit. If you return, you have to bring a mouth guard. You can purchase one with us.
  5. Continuing
    If you enjoy boxing with us and would like to continue doing so, you need to have your own boxing gloves within two weeks. We advise you to purchase a pair with us, so you are sure you have a good quality product for a good price. For the sake of keeping your extending the use of your gloves we advise you to also buy heavy bag gloves. Other supplies you need to have are a mouth guard and hand wraps. Needless to say, you can purchase these with us as well.

Would you like to participate?

Use our contact form of give us a call.