Opening boxing gym 6th of July 2020

Zondag, 28 juni 2020

Dear ladies and gentlemen boxers,

We are making the necessary preparations to open the gym in a responsible way. We are gonna work with smaller groups of sporters, divided across more training times, during an hour.

As a sports provider we need to know who are participating in the classes. Because of this, you need to add yourself to the schedule. In the coming week we will provide you with more information about this via the WhatsApp group and Facebook page.

Unfortunately, we had to cancel the subscriptions of members that have not participated in any classes anymore and who have reversed payments without discussing this with us. To participate in the classes listed on the schedule, they need fill out a new subscription form.

Quinton will be available to help with subscribing from 18:45 until 19:00 and 19:45 until 20:00. This will be possible inside the gym or at the location of the outside training in the Majoor Bosshartplantsoen near the Willem Arntszkade 73 (depending on the weather).

Everyone that has continued payments for his or her subscription is invited to send an e-mail to , which needs to contain the first name, last name and mobile phone number, to be included in the WhatsApp group.

Last but not least:

The first inside training will take place on Monday the 6th of July. We will take the necessary precautions this week: on Monday and Wednesday there will be outside training sessions.

On behalf of all trainers,


Ingmar Verbon